Passport for the Senior Citizens

Passport for the Senior Citizens

Are you a senior citizen and looking for a new passport? Are you looking to renew your old passport? The process is pretty simple and quick. All the details and requirements are mention in this article.

Senior citizens can walk into the Passport Seva Kendra anytime in the working hours and can apply for the passport. There is a designated counter for the senior citizen to save them from the hassle of standing in never ending lines. They can also book an appointment online for the passport. This way, they can complete the process very fast.

Senior citizens can apply for the passport for any legal purpose. They can walk in the Passport Seva Kendra and will be catered properly. Even if they apply online, they will have to visit the passport office for the biometric process and photograph.

Who is a senior citizen?

Any person who is above the age of 65 is considered as a senior citizen. However, you must need to follow the conditions to apply for the senior citizen passport.

  • You are 65 years old and NOT living in Jammu or Kashmir
  • If you’re living in Jammu or Kashmir, then a male should be older than 65 and a female should be older than 60 to be on the criteria of a senior citizen

You will be considered as a Jammu and Kashmir residence if you are under any of these 3 categories.

  • Born in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Living in Jammu and Kashmir for last 5 years
  • Permanent or present address in Jammu and Kashmir for more than 6 moths.

How to apply for a senior citizen passport?

There is no special passport for the senior citizens, they will be provided with a regular passport with the validity of 10 years. The process is slightly different.

Things to remember

  • The applicant must visit the PSK for the submission of the application and the documents. He or She cannot send anyone on their behalf even with the written consent
  • The applicant has to fill the application and pay the fee
  • Seniors can walk into the PSK without any appointment so the online scheduling is not needed
  • Police verification is necessary for the issuance process

Here’s the link to apply for the Senior citizen passport application form:

Required Documents for Senior Citizen Passport

Birth proof (require only two of the below mentioned)

  • Birth certificate
  • Adhaar card
  • Ration card
  • ID card
  • Voter ID

Residence proof (require only two of the below mentioned)

  • Water bill
  • Electricity bill
  • Gas bill
  • Phone bill
  • Ration card
  • Certificate from the employer
  • Bank account details
  • ID card
  • Rent agreement

Education proof (Need only one)

  • School certificate
  • Secondary School certificate (If any)
  • College certificate (If any)
  • Degree certification (If any)

Marriage proof

  • Marriage certificate
  • Local are police station’s name and address
  • Two references

You can also avail the Taktal services when applying for a senior citizen passport.

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