About PSK – Passport Seva Kendra

PSK-Passport Seva Kendra (About PSK) is extensions of POs by which front-end passport-related procedures and services are performed. It’s the physical area where applicants should physically pose themselves after obtaining an internet appointment. That is really where required documents are filed, photos taken and applications are assessed before being passed into the passport office for processing. There are 77 PSKs in India working under the PPP version under which technological and human tools are given by TCS.

PSLK – Passport Seva Laghu Kendra, also extensions of POs supplying similar solutions as PSKs, except these were put up to cover particular areas like eastern and north-eastern areas. They help alleviate the load of PSKs in those areas who manage application from a huge authority. You will find 16 PSLKs in India but these don’t work under the PPP model. They’re completely managed and controlled by the authorities.

They also can’t offer other relevant services.

Passport Application at Passport Seva Kendra

The PSK is where your passport application gets processed, confirmed and finally cleared of any difficulty. Once you have a valid appointment, you can proceed to PSK office to finish the remaining of the passport program process.

Whilst applying for a passport, a person must go to the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) on the date allotted to complete the final portion of the application procedure. Last verification and acceptance occurs in PSK.

Please note:

-report to the PSK.

-Assure the ARN reception and all necessary documents.

-Your files will be screened.

-Once inside. If all is in order, you’ll be issued token digit number. You will have to wait in the waiting area until your token digits are displayed. Applicants are as in sequential order based on the token number.

-When your number is displayed, you can go inside inside.

Inside the passport center (PSK) you will discover different color coded counters.

Counter A – CSE (Citizen Service Executive) / TCS personnel document verification, fee taking and photograph passport applicants.

Counter B – VO (Verification Officer) / Govt employees bring out record validation process.

Counter C – GO (Granting Officer) / Assistant Passport Officer bring the document validation process and decides on issuance.

‘Counter A/ Section A’ – Document verification, scan, upload, picture, fingerprints and confirmation of personal details from Citizen Service Executive.

-Once you enter, enter the booth in line with the screen showing your token number.

-Your documents will be assessed.

-Then you’ll be given a print-out of your uploaded private information that you’ll have to review and sign.

-This confirmed information is also scanned and uploaded on the portal site.

‘Counter B/ Department B’ – Document confirmation by Verification Officer.

-As with counter ‘A’, you will have to look out for your token number on the track & your original documents will be verifieds & confirmed once more.

‘Counter C/ Department C’ – Granting Officer will process approval or rejection of issuance of Passport.

-Status symbol ‘Granted’ means that the passport has been approved.

-Police verification status is determined here i.e. passport to be allowed based on No Police Verification or After Police Verification.

Exit Counter – Acknowledgment Letter

You will be given Acknowledgment Letter at the exit counter tops. Assure the safety of this letter as it contains information that you may use to track you application status. It will indicate if your passport application was accepted or not. It will signify the type for authority’s confirmation. It also applies to certain passport re-issue cased like those pertaining to missing passports/duplicates/change of full name/other important specifics. In cases like this, a PVR (passport Police Validation Report) is provided by law enforcement and passport physical verification process is performed.

Post-Police Validation is the manner set for certain passport candidates. e.g. govt employees have to provide ID Certificate or minors where parents possess correct passports. It is for some circumstances of passport re-issue where sufficient info of the application occur in the sys tem. During post confirmation, the passport is issued before the PVR and verification.

No-Police Validation is where by the passport is provided with no verification & No PVR is required. That applies to certain applicants as stated with Article custom PV cases. It applicable to few passport reissue cases.

In the Passport Seva Kendra, the passport application procedure proceed to the PO (Passport Office) all of the back end processing will take place.

Issue, Printing and Dispatch of Passport just how much time it holds for the passport and it to be dispatched depends on the kind of PV (Police Validation) required.

Pre PV – (Normal) within 3 working days from the date of powerful upgrade from the primary police office. (Tatkal) Update from primary police office isn’t counted in times taken to dispatch the passport.

Post PV – (Normal and Tatkal) 3rd working day. This doesn’t include the application submission date.

No PV – (Regular) 3rd working day. (Tatkal) within one working day. In both circumstances, the application submission date is not included.

Complex Processes – 30 days for Duplicate passport / Name change / Document problems / Unmarried family apply for minor / Adoption.

Other Instances – If there’s some anomaly from the information you places or extra checking/ validation required or there is a glitch in the system, additional time, over defined time frames, may be required.

Passports can be dispatched via India Post through Speed Post that you are able to monitor on the Post site. It’s delivered to passport applicant’s present address. You, as an applicant, could be the one getting the passports from the hand of the postman.

Two cents of advice for Passport Seva Applicants:

-Carry a ball point pen; you might need it to append signatures.

-Ensure you do self-attestation of their passport pages and other files which you are required to do. It saves few last minute hurry when you are in the way.

-Carry xerox copies of required original documents such as your address evidence, educational certificates, certificate of marriage so on. This procedure does not need any agents its a straightforward procedure.

There is no need to arrive early at the passport Seva Kendra, they will not let you inside. You simply have to be there at various reporting period.

You will be allowed to go in with cell phones and remote control car keys inside the passport office, so you don’t need to leave these things out.

You do NOT need an agent; as you are can do everything by yourself. You Just need to take the right documents. Agents do not actually take you inside or do anything. They will just guide you and maybe get you a slot.

If your Aadhar card is new, there can be a situation where the government database isn’t linked. Consequently, If you’ve got a newly issued Aadhar card, take a backup accepted document for proof of address.

to using personal bank statements as proof, you need to have you passport size photo with a bank stamp over it. Furthermore, in case you have to re-submit certain documents there are another time for files which are on hold, so you do not have to stress yourself at all.

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