Tatkaal Passport

Types of Passport: Tatkaal Passport

A passport is among the most basic document issued by the authorities that encourages us to excursion to different nations with no problem. It’s a formal record which ensures smooth legislation into another nation. Moreover, it bends over as a genuine authority record, engaging us to private and government benefits as it works as an address and identity affirmation.

Types of Passport Applications

There are two various types of use you can fill as indicated by the urgency of the matter. The two different forms are Regular and Tatkaal. When you apply for the passport, you application will be catered formally, however for the Tatkaal passport for urgent need, you will get some additional add up to get the passport. The Tatkaal service is just for the Renewal and new passport.

The process of getting Tatkaal services is very easy and only available for the Indian nationals.

For more information and the frequently asked questions about the Tatkaal services, visit the below mentioned links.


Who can apply for Tatkaal passport in India?

Not everyone in India can apply for the Tatkaal passport service since it takes after a few rules and principles. Be that as it may, a portion of the rules are specified underneath for who can apply.

Eligibility criteria for Tatkaal passport in India (For Fresh Passport)

  • Citizen of India by birth
  • Government employees/ Public Sector employees/ Statutory body employees
  • Dependant family members of Government employee/ Public sector employees/ statutory body employees (Jammu and Kashmir children in age 10-15 years are covered. For rest of Indian children in age 18-21 are also covered)
  • Retired government employees
  • Applicants having diplomatic passport or Official passport and applying for regular passport while in service
  • Dependent family members of Diplomatic passport or Official passport holders who are not government employees (Jammu and Kashmir children in age 10-15 years are covered)
  • Owners, partners and directors of Companies which are members of CII, FICCI & ASSOCHAM.

Information for Tatkaal passport India (MINOR CHANGE IN NAME)

  • Change or Addition in name due to marriage
  • Change in name in case of Government employees/Public sector employees/statutory body employees
  • Jammu and Kashmir Residents staying away from Jammu and Kashmir for more than 5 Years
  • Students staying away from their Parent’s residence
  • Senior citizen (for Jammu and Kashmir: Men – 65+ years, women – 60+ years; for rest of India 65+ years)

Information for Tatkaal passport India (FOR MINORS)

  • Both parents holds a valid passport with spouse name mentioned on it
  • In case neither of the parents holds a valid Passport
  • Both parents residing outside India
  • Minors who are between 15 and 18 years of age wish to acquire a full validity Passport for ten years
  • Children of government employees/ public sector employees/ statutory body employees
  • Children born with surrogacy
  • Applied by one parent or guardian when consent of one or both parents isn’t possible
  • Applied by legal guardian
  • Minors from Jammu and Kashmir (below 10 years for Tatkaal Application)
  • Minors students staying away from their parents

Information for Tatkaal passport India (REISSUE OF PASSPORT)

  • Additional Booklet when In case when you run out of pages
  • Upon expiration of old passport
  • Within the time period of one year before expiration or three years after expiration of an old Passport
  • Government employees/ Public Sector employees/ statutory body employees on duty
  • Retired government employees
  • Students going for higher education in abroad for up to 2 years from expiration of passport
  • Damaged/harmed passport (when Passport number is not readable, name is also not visible and Photo is intact but not much visible)

Information for Tatkaal passport India (CHANGE IN PARTICULARS)

  • Due to marriage of a woman, changing the name or surname in her passport.
  • To delete or update the spouse’s name in the existing passport of separated or divorced applicant.

Information for Tatkaal passport India (REISSUE OF PASSPORT)

  • Apply for changing the spouse’s name for Remarried applicants.
  • Change of name in other cases (minor change in name, male, female or transgender i.e. spelling mistake between Passport and documents which phonetically does not result in correct name)
  • Change in Current address
  • Addition of spouse name
  • ECR stamp removing

Application procedure for a Tatkaal passport

Below mentioned is the step by step procedure

  • Register yourself at the official portal of Passport Seva website.
  • You will be given a unique ID and password, login with your user ID and password.
  • You will be asked to select within two options- Fresh and re-issue, choose the application option.
  • Select ‘Tatkaal’ option in type of scheme.
  • Download the application form to fill or fill it online
  • Submit the form online
  • Make your payment online
  • Print out the receipt of payment to track the status as well
  • Book an appointment at the nearest passport office.

Supporting Documents for Tatkaal application

  • Verification certificates per Annexure F
  • Election card
  • ID card photo
  • Certificate of SC/ST/OBC
  • Identity cards of freedom fighters
  • Arms license if you have any
  • Ration card
  • Property documents
  • Pension documents
  • Railway photo identity card
  • PAN card issued by the income Tax department
  • Photo of Bank passbook
  • Student’s ID card from any recognized institution
  • Driving license
  • Birth certificate proof
  • Gas connection bill

Applicant Category: Ordinary

  • Affidavit as per Annexure – I or
  • Verification certificate as per the specimen according to Annexure – F or
  • 3 from the above mentioned 16 documents

Applicant Category: Minor

You have to provide the following proofs to process the application,

  • affidavit as per Annexure – I; or
  • Verification certificate as per the specimen according to Annexure – F; or
  • 3 out of 16 documents listed above that are valid for Tatkaal

Applications cannot be processed under Tatkaal procedure for:

  • Child born out of wedlock having Single parent
  • Child with single parent where another parent has deceased
  • For adopted children of Indian parents
  • For adopted children of foreign parents
  • Minors from Nagaland

Applicant category: Senior Citizen

The documents required are;

  • Affidavit as per Annexure – I or
  • Confirmation certificate as per specimen according to Annexure – F or
  • Out of 16 documents 3 are listed as below list of documents that are acceptable for Tatkaal; or
  • Copy of adult child’s passport

Timeline for Tatkaal passport processing

With the Tatkaal services, you will get your passport within 1- 3 days after submitting the application.

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