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About Kerala State

Kerala State is one among the 29 states of India which is located in South India on the coast of Malabar and is bordered with Karnataka which is located to the northeast and north side, Lakshadweep sea which is located to the west and Tamil Nadu which is located to the south and east.  The capital city of KL State is the Thiruvananthapuram.

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KL State Population

The Population of Kerala State is about 33,387,677 which is the 13th largest state in Indian population and the Districts are covering with an area of 38,863 square kilometres (or) 15,005 square miles

Kerala State
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Kerala State Language

The official and native language of KL state is “Malayalam” (മലയാളം) which is the most widely speaking language in the state and the additional language of Malayalis is “English”

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Formation of Kerala State

KL State was formed on the year 01st Nov of 1956 under the states reorganisations act by combining speaking regions of Malayalam.

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Indian State of KL State Symbols

The following are the symbols of the State:

Animal Indian elephant
Bird Great hornbill
Fish Green Chromide
Flower Golden rain tree
Fruit Jack-fruit
Tree Coconut tree

State Culture

The culture of KL State has a combination of cultures of Dravidian and Aryan which mixed and developed for centuries under the authority of abroad and Indian few parts. It is known for its green nature along with the rich tradition of arts, dance, literature and music.

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Kerala State Districts

According to the wiki, the state of Kerala Map is divided into 14 districts whereby area Palakkad is the largest city and Alappuzha is the smallest city and the 14 Districts are the following:

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State Tourism

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State Rivers

The following are the few Rivers which flows through the KL state:

  • Periyar
  • Pamba River
  • Bharathappuram
  • Chaliyar
  • Chalakudy River
  • Achankovil
  • Kallada River
  • Kabini River
  • Meenachil River
  • Manimala River
  • Neyyar
  • Valapattanam River
  • Kadalundi River
  • Pambar River
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KL State Government Departments

The following are the departments of State Government:

 Universities of Kerala State

eCourts of Kerala State


Important Details of State

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