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List of famous temples in india & its history , Festivals brings happiness to the routine life & following culture we enjoy the heritage of Indian tradition

How to Wear Saree in Gujarati Style

Gujarati Saree Designs Sarees are Indian traditional wear standing the test of time. In fact, sarees offer the clothing comfort and give a sexy look. It is definitely a style statement to wear Gujarati saree by giving it a spin, making everyone go crazy. Add to your charm and also you are sure to look most attractive. Get info on… Read More

How to Make Silk Thread Bangles Design

Silk Thread Bangles Design Silk thread bangles look beautiful and offer a glossy look. They were highly popular as silk thread bangles among Indian. They had taken a back seat, but are again emerging with the same trend in other material such as shells, wood, copper, and brass. The silk thread bangles designs are very special in comparison to other… Read More

Shree Hanuman Chalisa Latest Lyrics 2019

Hanuman Chalisa Hanuman Chalisa is the verses sung in Lord Ram’s devotion. It is termed as Chalisa as it has 40 poetic verses. This is devotional literature and composed by Tulsidas Ji, a legendary poet. Tulsidas initiates the Shree Hanuman Chalisa praising his Guru in the first two couplets. This actually in the Awadhi refined language. The legend Tulsidas Ji… Read More

Latest and Trending Mehndi Design

21 Latest and Trending Mehndi Design Photos - Latest Mehandi Designs With the Navratri, the festive season has knocked on. Wherever the Navratri is on every side, there is also the wait of Karva Chauth. When it comes to festivals, the enthusiasm of women is doubled. This part of the decoration is 'Mehndi'. Every girl and woman wants to make… Read More

How to do Palm Reading Lines?

Palm Reading Lines For reading one person’s fortune, personalities and understanding one’s future palm reading or palmistry practiced in China, India and ancient Israel by analyzing his/her hands. Palm reading or chiromancy not only involves analysis of one’s palm, but it also includes analysis of one’s finger, arm, and fingernail. By having a look at one’s palm size, shape, finger… Read More