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Swiggy Swiggy is a food ordering and delivery company based out of Bangalore, India. It inspired by the thought of providing a complete food ordering and delivery solution from the best neighborhood restaurants to the urban foodie. Swiggy coupons: Want to Order Food online: Click Here All your cravings for food end here It is a … Read more

10 Good Habits that Every kid Should learn

10 good habits

Good Habits for kids  This is now an almost clichés word that good habits should start at an early age. It is really difficult for parents to teach good habits to their children like table manners, good behaviors etc. It can be much challenging to set the time aside for responsibilities as the school demands … Read more

Faasos – Food Store

Faasos Food Store

About Faasos Who does not like to savour tasty dishes after a tiring day at work? But, many of us do not feel like getting ready and going to restaurants. Also, cooking is probably not an option on such days. At that time what you will truly appreciate is to get food delivered to your … Read more

How to Make Mango Pickle – Best Tips on Mango Pickle Recipe

mango pickle

Mango Pickle Recipe The arrival of summer means the raw mangoes flood the market.  The green raw mangoes are perfect to make Aam ka achar, the famous mango pickle. Actually, this is a simple recipe. Once the sun is up, the process of making mango pickle begins. The hard works are in cutting mangoes, placing … Read more

Decadent Food is a phrase that is in vogue


Decadent An adjective has been in use since long. We use it to describe individuals or items that have triggered indulgent behaviors and deterioration of ethics. When it comes to the matter is of food, it is natural to assume that this adjective denotes indulgence. There are several synonyms for this adjective. But, what is … Read more

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