Aadhar Card For Foreign Citizens And NRIs- How To Apply


There is a big confusion regarding Aadhar card for foreign citizens and NRIs in India, their use and requirement, etc. If you are a foreigner and have come to India for some purpose, or are an NRI, and have come to the country, then you may have many questions and doubts regarding the Aadhar card … Read more

Top Selling Products on Amazon

Top Selling Products on Amazon

Have you ever bought something from Amazon? I guess you all say yes because at some point in our life we have ordered something from Amazon. But this was not the main question, while the main question is how you choose the best products for yourself. As whenever you search for a product, there will … Read more

Video downloading apps on the Android platform – the trendsetters


How do I save YouTube videos on my mobile phone? Most likely these common questions asked in the various social platforms. If you happen to be a windows user you might be aware of how to save videos, but still, there are some handy apps for your reference Vidmate Vidmate topples the list as far … Read more

A step by step guide to apply for ICICI Prudential mutual funds online


ICICI Bank deals with many different schemes of mutual funds, and you can easily get decent returns by investing in them. As it has a vast customer base, the bank always tries to hold its reputation. Apart from the customers of the bank who have different types of accounts in the ICICI bank, there are … Read more

How to Rewrite Articles without compromising readability


A lot of websites offer the best products online but the traffic rate is not very healthy. Instead, the bounce rate of such websites increases because people do not spend enough time on them. The rank of a website or social media page does not improve only by uploading fresh content once. It is an … Read more