Top 10 Rajinikanth Movies in Telugu


Rajinikanth Movies in Telugu Rajinikanth, an Indian Actor in over 150 films, primarily in Tamil. Shivaji Rao Gaekwad was his original name. He was born on 12th December 1950. Rajinikanth played roles working as Bus Conductor in Bangalore Transport Service. He completed his diploma in acting at Madras Film Institute in 1973, Tamil Nadu State. Before … Read more

Mahabharat epic legendary narrative of the Kurukshetra War- महाभारत

Mahabharata War

The Mahabharata -The Holy Book: Epics are the long poems which narrate the heroic deeds of a hero or a glorious history of a nation. The style of the Epic is brilliant and incomparable. Various sages or gurus of ancient India wrote these profound epics in the Sanskrit language. In India, we have many legendary … Read more

uBreakiFix – Franchise for Electronics repairs

franchise for ubreakifix

uBreakiFix – Franchise for Electronics repairs: Justin Wetherill is the CEO of uBreakiFix. The concept of franchising was started by uBreakFix in 2013. This company offers both walk-in and mail-in repairs of all electronics. These electronics include tablets, smartphones, video game consoles and computers. All the repairs of uBreakFix come with parts warranty of 90 … Read more

Overcoming Challenges for Building & Promoting an Online Business

SEO search engine optimization

tarting up an online business, and making it a success, has a lot more in common with traditional business than the average online marketing charlatan, with their promises of easy push-button profits, would have you believe. Successes of any kind, whether through traditional brick and mortar style businesses, or through online web-based empires, takes grit, … Read more