Most Important List of Aztec gods and goddesses

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Aztec gods and goddesses Researching AztecGods & goddesses can be quite amusing to do. The term Aztec came from Aztlan, the mythical place of origin for the Nahuatl-speaking culture. This makes Aztec mythological. Get to know detailed information about the Aztec Gods and Goddesses, Mexican Gods, Mexican Goddesses and also more. Let’s take a look … Read more

10 Major Aztec Gods and Goddesses in History

aztec gods and goddesses

Aztec Gods and Goddesses ‘Aztec’ has a mythical origin. It came from Aztlan, and the real meaning of Aztlan was Place of Whiteness. People know this legendary place for the beginning of the Nahuatl-speaking culture. According to one of their inheritances, Toltec warlords chased the Mexica to force them to take shelter on an island. … Read more

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