Telangana CDMA Districts ULB’s Portals

Telangana CDMA

About Telangana CDMA Telangana CDMA is the Municipal Administration department of Telangana State government which guides the day to day life activities of the municipality authorities. CDMA stands for “Commissioner and Directorate of Municipal Administration”. The 31 districts of Telangana contains 73 district wise ULB’s (Urban Local Bodies) and they are as follows: Telangana CDMA … Read more

CDMA Telangana – Commissioner and Directorate of Municipal Administration

cdma telangana state

About CDMA Telangana CDMA Telangana stands for “Commissioner and Directorate of Municipal Administration” is the Telangana State government Municipal corporation summit authority including GHMC, GWMC etc. It provides the guidance to the municipal authorities and corporations in performing their activities for day to day in loyalty to the guidelines, policies and procedures provided by the … Read more

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