Types of Aasara Pension

Types of Aasara Pension Scheme

Types of Aasara Pension Scheme Aasara pension scheme is an excellent initiative taken by the Government of Telangana. By this scheme, many people got the financial benefit. In a recent survey, it is proved that near about 42 lakhs people are getting benefited by this Types of Aasara Pension Scheme. Scheme of Aasara Pension Types There are … Read more

SSMMS Telangana

SSMMS Telangana

Managing the sand sales and its monitoring by SSMMS Telangana TSMDC department of Telangana takes care of all minerals & resources escalated in the state. There are many different tasks which require sand. It is difficult to find quality sand which can be used for a particular task. This mainly results in each and every … Read more

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