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CHFW Telangana

About CHFW Telangana Telangana CHFW stands for “ Telangana Commissionarate of Health and Family Welfare ” is the TS Online Service portal of implementing the child and maternal health care and family welfare in the Telangana State. The main focus of CHFW Telangana is to promote and preventive care. The Program of CHFW TG Family … Read more

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare – MoHFW

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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare – स्वास्थ्य और परिवार कल्याण मंत्रालय The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is a part of Union Government Ministries works under the government of India (भारत सरकार). This Ministry deals with the health policies. It has to organize different health-related programmes like family planning and health checkups in … Read more

BBBP Scheme


About BBBP Scheme BBBP Scheme: India a country where people worship different Goddess but when they found that a girl child was born in their family they forget about everything they had asked of any Goddess. There many families where the birth of a girl child has not considered a happy incident. They consider girls as … Read more