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DEO Nizamabad – Telangana Educational Department

About DEO Nizamabad DEO means┬áDistrict Educational Officer, DEO Nizamabad is responsible for educational, legal activities and Administrative for schools in Nizamabad District under the Educational Department of Telangana Government. How to register for DEO Nizamabad MDM Scheme MDM means Mid Day Meals, MDM Scheme is a School meal program provided by Indian Government of India which is designed in order… Read More

Interesting Facts about the Republic Day of India. (26 January 2016)

India has its own constitution and also it is a Republic country. For every year the Indian people are celebrating the Republic day on January 26. Here you get to know the Unknown facts of the Republic day. In schools and colleges are celebrating the day with parades and more events. But you need to know more about the Interesting… Read More

10 Interesting Facts about our Constitution

10 Interesting Facts about our Constitution The Indian Constitution has formed by the Dr. B.R Ambedkar and also he has considered as the important person who struggled to form our constitution. On 26th Nov the constitution works had been started and came into existence on 26th Jan of 1950 and we celebrate it as "Republic Day" with joy and happiness.… Read More