India-Land of Cultural Diversity & democracy -भारत देश

India Nation

About India Nation India is a South – Asian Country also called as “Hindusthan(हिन्दुस्थान)”, “Bharath(भारत)”,  “The Republic of India ”.  India Nation is a Democratic country, Land of Kings, Gods & the land of Cultural Diversity. New Delhi is the capital city and Mumbai is the largest city in India. The official and native language of … Read more

10 Interesting Facts about our Constitution

Indian Constitution

10 Interesting Facts about our Constitution The Indian Constitution has formed by the Dr. B.R Ambedkar and also he has considered as the important person who struggled to form our constitution. On 26th Nov the constitution works had been started and came into existence on 26th Jan of 1950 and we celebrate it as “Republic … Read more

Shastriya Nritya – The 6 Classical Dance Styles of India.

Indian Classical Dance is also known as Shastriya Nritya. It is an Umbrella term for multiple performances rooted in style of Hindu Musical Theater. The Indian Classical dances are recognized by Sangeeth Natak Academy. They identified sastriya Nritya like Kathak, Sattriya, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Manipuri, Odissi. The Culture Ministry of the Indian Government added … Read more

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