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SBM Gramin Telangana

About SBM Gramin Telangana The Telangana State has given significance in order to provide facilities of sanitation to rural areas with the great project of "SBM Gramin Telangana (Swachh Bharat Mission - Gramin Telangana), for the eradication of many diseases and subsequent death which are causing by the lack of sanitation as Open Defecation contaminates water. This Gramin SBM Telangana comes… Read More

Swachh Telangana

About Swachh Telangana Government of India has launched a flagship program known as “Swachh Bharat Mission” for providing hygiene, sanitation and eliminating waste management as a tribute to the Nations father Mahatma Gandhi as on his 150th birth anniversary in the year 2019 to be celebrated. Government of Telangana has launched a mission as Swachh Telangana Mission” in order to… Read More

HMDA Telangana – Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority

About HMDA Telangana Hyderabad’s urban planning entity is known as the "Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority" in the state of Telangana. The Metropolitan Region of Hyderabad is administered by the HMDA Telangana. Several bodies merged in order to give birth to HMDA. Those entities are HUDA (Hyderabad Urban Development Authority), Cyberabad Development Authority (CDA), Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (HADA) and also the… Read More

SSMMS Telangana

Managing the sand sales and its monitoring by SSMMS Telangana TSMDC department of Telangana takes care of all minerals & resources escalated in the state. There are many different tasks which require sand. It is difficult to find quality sand which can be used for a particular task. This mainly results in each and every task requires a particular kind… Read More

T–Hub – Telangana Hub

About T – Hub T–Hub is known as “Telangana Hub” which is a largest Business Incubator of India for startups and located in Telangana State capital city Hyderabad. It is formed on 05th Nov of 2015 and Jay Krishnan is the CEO of the T Hub. It is also one of the upcoming projects of Telangana under the IT Technology… Read More