Medical Services Plan

How to apply for Medical Services Plan

Medical Services Plan If you are a resident of British Columbia and you already verified that you are eligible for Medical Service Plan (MSP), you need to apply and enroll. You will find information below about the application for Medical Services Plan. When do I have to apply for Medical Service Plan? It is mandatory that all BC residents enroll… Read More

Benefits of BC Medical Service Plan

BC Medical If you live in British Columbia, the provincial health insurance called Medical Service Plan. It is important that you informed about it in case you need it. Below you will find information about the benefits of BC Medical Service Plan. What benefits will I get from Medical Service Plan (MSP)? Before enrolling in Medical Services Plan you should… Read More


Medical Services Plan British Colombia The Medical Services Plan British Colombia commonly referred to as MSPBC is an only payer in health insurance BC scheme that operates in the Canadian province of British Colombia that came as a result of the country‚Äôs national Medicare program. It is government administered meaning all its actions are as a result of the government's… Read More