MMTS Hyderabad

MMTS HYDERABAD: This article contains links of List of all articles of MMTS Hyderabad regarding about mmts hyderabad, MMTS Train timings, mmts train route maps, train numbers , mmts train  schedule, mmts stations  ,MMTS station codes & MMTS Railway enquiry phone numbers for all MMTS stations with route maps.   a. About MMTS Hyderabad b. … Read more

Lingampally to Hyderabad MMTS Train Timings & MMTS route map

lingampally to hyderabad mmts

MMTS Train Timings & MMTS route map: List of all train numbers running in the route Lingampally to Hyderabad with its timings at particular mmts stations & MMTS train timings. TrainNo Limgam pally Chanda nagar Hafeez pet Hitec City Bora banda Bharath Nagar Fathe nagar Nature Cure Hospital Begum pet Necklace Road Khaira tabad Lakdika pul … Read more

About MMTS Hyderabad- MMTS timings, MMTS stations

MMTS Hyderabad

MMTS means Multi-Modal Transport System is a traveler rail system in Hyderabad capital city of Telangana state. India mostly preferred for Suburban cities to make the mode of transportation easy. MMTS Hyderabad is a joint venture of the Government of United Andhra Pradesh and the SCR and is operated by the SCR railway zone. MMTS  … Read more