TV and Radio Advertising Must Learn to Adapt to Digital Media

TV and Radio Advertising Advertisers who are unwilling to adapt in our digital age will find an increasingly large portion of their market disappear as consumers pivot elsewhere. This is most pronounced across television and radio. In decades past both media types commanded large audiences with little direct competition from other media types. TV and radio generate revenue by playing… Read More

Netflix – Movies & Television

Netflix: Netflix is the world's best entertainment service providing company. It is Expanded into television and movies as well as online distribution. Established Date: 1 January 1997. Nerve Center: Scotts Valley, California, United States. Founded by: Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings CEO: Reed Hastings Categories: Digital entertaining, Consumer electronics, and Video. Employees: 3,500 Alternate Name: Kibble Inc. Funding status:¬†Initial Public… Read More