The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas – MOPNG

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas India - पेट्रोलियम एवं प्राकृतिक गैस मंत्रालय भारत सरकार  This ministry is a part of the Government of India (GOI). This ministry handles all the activities related to Petroleum and natural gas in India. Production of different petroleum products, refining, marketing, export and import of the products, conservation of natural gas and other products are… Read More

Department of Chemicals and Petro-Chemicals- MoC&F

Department of Chemicals and Petro-Chemicals - रसायन और पेट्रो-रसायन विभाग The Ministry of Chemicals has a separate department called the Ministry of chemicals and fertilizers. This department has been under this Ministry since 5th July 1991 in India. This department is responsible for various things. First of all, this department is accountable for the development as well as regulation of… Read More