DEO Kurnool District – Andhra Pradesh Educational Department


About DEO Kurnool District The DEO Kurnool District is under the Ministry of Education of Andhra Pradesh (AP) Government, the main goal of this department is to provide Good Quality of Education and Care for children’s in all over the AP State. RMSA (Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan) Know the DEO Kurnool RMSA Aims, Guidelines on … Read more

DEO Khammam – Telangana Educational Department

DEO Khammam

About DEO Khammam DEO means District Educational Officer, DEO Khammam is responsible for educational, legal activities and Administrative for schools in Khammam District under the Educational Department of Telangana Government. Get the details of List of Recognised Schools Khammam DEO here: List of Recognised Schools DEO Khammam District And also get the details of List of … Read more

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