LDRB – Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank

LDRP Assam

Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank – a Financial River for Hilly People of Assam Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank came into existence on 27th January 1982. It established under the provisions of Regional Rural Banks Act, 1976 and regulated by NABARD. This RRB sponsored by the State Bank of India to promote rural banking in the inaccessible … Read more

Regional Rural Banks in India – RRBs

regional rural banks RRBs

Regional Rural Banks Regional Rural Banks are those commercial banks in India that function in various states at regional levels.RRBs provides essential financial & banking services in the rural area for the people in India. However, RRBs also have many branches in urban areas as well. RBI is the central banking managing all banks in … Read more

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