About TrainTracker The Thales Information Systems, Eckoh, and Technologies provide the TrainTracker on behalf of the organisation of companies that operate trains. An automated system, with some limitations, provides the service information. Many stations have Passenger Information systems announcing and displaying details about trains. TrainTracker makes use of this, and you will get the same … Read more

Premium tatkal trains


About Premium tatkal trains Premium Tatkal (PT) quota is a new feature introduced by the Indian Railways. It comes with reasonable prices of fares. Image Source: upload.wikimedia.org What are the characteristic features of Premium Tatkal on Dynamic Pricing The new Premium tatkal (PT) quota has been introduced by the Indian Railways with fair pricing. The … Read more

82356 / 82355 Suvidha Express


About Suvidha Express: There is a fantastic service provided by the Ministry of Railways. Usually, in the summer season, the rush in the premium trains exceeds the limit. Just to manage the situation, the Railway ministry introduced this unique service for the common people last year. This service is mainly in use to replace the … Read more