Telangana Finance Department


About Telangana Finance Department The Telangana Finance department will manage the budget finances of Telangana State and it is responsible for the financial transactions of state’s finances and will provide the facility of maintaining of all states account details. It also performs as an advisory department for the other departments of the state including rules … Read more

Telangana Treasury

tg cyber treasury

Telangana Treasury to maintain all the financial transaction and budget of the state Every state is undergoing a large amount of financial transaction every year. It is extremely required that there are corresponding organisations which can manage these transactions in an effective manner. These organisations are designed in a manner that they can keep constant … Read more

TS Government Life Insurance Department – TSGLI

TS Government Life Insurance Department-TSGLI

About TSGLI TSGLI stands for “ Telangana State Government Life Insurance Department” is a Measure of Social Security for the Government Welfare by providing the LIC Funds along with TS Government Life Insurance Department is important for all the employees of the government and the Local Body Employees are provincialised. The Telangana Finance Department will control … Read more

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