telangana mines

Telangana Mines and Geology Department

About Telangana Mines and Geology Department Telangana Mines and Geology Department is the department of Telangana State which has started in the year 1921 with the name “HGS”. HGS stands for “Hyderabad Geological Survey” which carries out the Exploration, Prospecting and investigating the deposits of Minerals. In all over South India the Telangana is the one and only Indian State… Read More

Singareni Collieries Coal Mines (SCCL) Telangana

About Singareni Collieries Coal Mines The Singareni Collieries Coal Mines are the largest coal mines in Telangana, South India. It is also known as the black diamond of India. In 1920, the SCCL Mines are constituted formally as the Singareni Collieries Company Limited is an undertaking of public owned by Union and State Government. At present, it has 15 open… Read More