Government Employees Online Platform

Government Employees Online Platform

About Government Employees Online Platform The numerous kinds of transactions which carried out by the government. These transactions will carry out in the form of various expenditures which are to do and also in form of the pays of the Telangana State Government Employees Online Platform. It is necessary to have a mechanism which can monitor … Read more

Effective management With Telangana Treasury-DDOREQ

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Effective management of the funds with the treasury of Telangana DDOREQ: It required that funds in each of the state has managed in a proper manner to have a smooth flow of the money without any kind of issues/concerns. They have their own skilled personals who quite expert in keeping a constant watch over the … Read more

Telangana Treasury

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Telangana Treasury to maintain all the financial transaction and budget of the state Every state is undergoing a large amount of financial transaction every year. It is extremely required that there are corresponding organisations which can manage these transactions in an effective manner. These organisations are designed in a manner that they can keep constant … Read more