About Telangana state Public Service Commission (TSPSC)  Establishment: TSPSC stands for Telangana State Public Service Commission. The youngest Public Service Commission of the country came into existence on 8th August 2014. History: One of the leading princely states of India, Hyderabad has more than 300 years of rich culture and tradition. Mir Mahboob Ali Pasha … Read more

Public Service Commission- PSC India


About PSC India PSC India stands for “Public Service Commission” of India which was founded based on the Indian Constitution which provides for the establishment of PSC for UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) and PSC for each state like TSPSC, TNPSC and other states in India. Following are the Public Service Commission of India with their Official Links: … Read more

Public Service Commission


About Public Service Commission Public Service Commission was established based on the Constitution of India. There are two types of PSC. One is for the union which is known as UPSC, and the other one is mainly for the individual states. Almost every state of our country has special state public service commission like TSPSC, TNPSC etc. … Read more

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