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Use the Telangana State Road Transport for your desired service There are many transportation of TSRTC services required at any of the locations. People prefer their own mode by which they can transport to different places. It is thereby required that one should develop a transportation service at a location which can best suffice their need. One should try different… Read More

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The spread of Telangana State Road Transport Corporation-TS RTC Transportation is important for any of the state. People are using many of the vehicles for their own personal transportation. It is leading to increased usage of the fuels and also correspondingly increases in the pollution of the respective areas. One should try to reduce the usage of the private vehicle… Read More

TSRTC-Telangana State Road Transport Corporation

The State Road Transport Corporation of Telangana Telangana State Road Transport Corporation is a company established in the year 2014 and owned by the state government of Telangana. It offers transport services in the state of Telangana. There are several other states in India like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, etc. that are connected with TSRTC services. The… Read More