Information About Government of Uttar Pradesh

Government of Uttar Pradesh

The Government of Uttar Pradesh The Government of Uttar Pradesh is nothing but a democratic State Government of India. In this state Government of UP, the Governor can be the head who is appointed by the Honorable President of India. Governor here is likely to stay for a time-frame of five years unless there is an … Read more

Uttar Pradesh State (UP)-उत्तर प्रदेश राष्ट्र

Uttar Pradesh

About Uttar Pradesh State – उत्तर प्रदेश राष्ट्र Uttar Pradesh state is abbreviated as “ UP State ” which is a North Indian State and is also the most populous state in India which is the largest state and Lucknow is the capital city. More than 200 million inhabitants reside here. The district map shows … Read more

Lucknow CharBagh Railway Station


Lucknow CharBagh Railway Station Lucknow CharBagh Railway Station is officially known as Lucknow NR (North Railways) and the Lucknow CharBagh Railway Station code is “LKO” which is one of the two major railway station of city of Lucknow for Broad Track Gauges trains and Lucknow Junction (LJN). It is operated by North Eastern Railway Zone and Northern Railways … Read more