Voter ID UP – Election Commission of UP

election commission of UP

Know more about the election commission of UP – Voter ID UP Since India is a democratic country and it has been proved that democracy is the best form of government, it is mandatory for the people of the country to own voter id cards and cast their votes as the responsible citizens of the … Read more

Election Commission of India

About Election Commission of India: The Election Commission of India mostly known as ECI is a constitutional body which is responsible for conducting and managing elections in India in accordance with the regulations and rules mentioned in the Indian Constitution. Election Commission of India established on 25th January 1950 with an aim to control the … Read more

CEO India

About Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), India

About Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), India Who is Chief Electoral Officer? A CEO (Chief Electoral Officer) works under the administration, control and complete guidance of Indian Election Commission. According to the People’s Act 1950 and 1951 representation, each Indian state must be facilitated with a CEO India during the elections of State Assembly along with … Read more