AWT/AWH Recruitment Telangana 2018

About AWT AWH Recruitment Telangana The application procedure of AWT AWH Recruitment Telangana takes place online. Follow these simple steps for completing the registration: Interested candidates need to log in to the official website of the Department for Women Development and Child Welfare. The official website of Telangana WDCW is http://wdcw.tg.nic.in. Here, the WDCWD Aanganwadi AWT full form will appear.… Read More

Department of Women Development and Child Welfare in Telangana-WDCW

About TS WDCW Telangana is a new state which is trying to develop itself from all the aspects. They have made a separate and individual department to look after the welfare of children and the development of women. That's indeed a marvellous initiative by Telangana state government. Usually, in other states, this issue comes under the jurisdiction of the department… Read More

E-Sadhana Telangana-WDCW

About E-Sadhana Telangana The Anganwadi information system of WDCW has been introduced by the state government of Telangana to help pregnant ladies as well as lactating women in Telangana. Telangana E-Sadhana is a noble project for the welfare of the women of Telangana. The primary focus of this program is the betterment of those women who live in villages and do not… Read More

Integrated Child Development Services-ICDS

About Integrated Child Development Services In this ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services) the Telangana government providing the services of Early Childhood Care Education and Development, Providing Supplementary Nutrition, Health Services, Providing Care and Nutrition Counselling and Community Mobilisation, Awareness, Advocacy and IEC These services are explained clearly in the following: 1. Early Childhood Care Education and Development Early Childhood Care… Read More

Arogya Laxmi Programme-WDCW

About Arogya Laxmi Programme Scheme An Arogya Laxmi Programme Scheme of WDCW has been introduced by the state government of Telangana to spot feed “one full meal” to women who are pregnant and those who are lactating at the centre of Anganwadi. The government started this programme on 1st January, in the year 2013 under the ICDS project of the government. Details… Read More