Whatsapp New Features – Download chat history of blocked contacts

WhatsApp New Features WhatsApp will now be able to allow users to Download chat history of those contacts and groups which have been blocked. Get more information about the Whatsapp New Features from here. The Whatsapp End to End Encryption is more secure. Whatsapp follows it for each and every message. The Android 2.0 Beta version of Whatsapp, the Report… Read More

End to End Encryption in Whatsapp: How much it is Safe to communicate?

Privacy of your message is becoming one of the most important issues now a day. One of the most popular instant chatting platform Whatsapp claims that they go for end to end encryption method for each message. They have also told that Whatsapp keep a track of the messages sent through their platform. Here you can get the info on… Read More

WhatsApp Resources and Upcoming Features.

WhatsApp Features WhatsApp is a free instant messaging for free and cross-platform service for the smartphones like android, iOs, windows, and Blackberry application Mobiles. After installing the WhatsApp app in your devices allowing us to send the messages, talking voice calls and video calls for free with your Whatsapp enabled phone contact numbers. You can also use this app to… Read More