Top Ten IT Companies in India

software companies in India

IT Companies in India In India, information technology has immensely expanded recently and the key reason behind it is the Indian Government policy to boost up the investment. Top software companies in India have generated nearly 2.5 million direct employment. This industry is in the run for best of development. IT industries are the future … Read more

Ways to Create a Bootable Flash Drive for Windows

bootable flash drive

Bootable Flash Drive Creating a bootable flash drive means to use to deploy the essentials of Windows Server. The foremost step is to use a command-line utility and to get the USB flash drive ready. To create a bootable USB drive: Insert into running computer a USB flash drive. Open as an administrator a Command … Read more

Chrome plugins

About Chome plugins: Creation and Publication Chrome plugins or Chrome extensions give users the liberty to add more functionality to the web browser of Chrome. It is interesting as new extensions can be created for Chrome by taking help of popular core technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. For those who know how to build … Read more