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How to Make a Logo for your New Business

How to Make a Logo for your New Business: The sad fact is that more than half of the startups always fail within the first two or three years of their existence. One of the major culprits of this grim figure is the lack of effective marketing strategies. We understand that many startups work on limited resources, and might get… Read More

The power of social media icons

The power of social media icons The corporate identity and corporate branding are a huge component if you are talking about marketing and digital marketing. Currently, social networks are easy to identify because of their colors, designs and even their typography. Therefore, the use of the logos-┬ásocial media icons of these networks can be very helpful for you, so today… Read More

Finding the perfect social media icon pack

Every day, hundreds of web pages are created, each with its different styles and ideas. To stand out in such a populated world, a web page must have a modern style and adjusted to the trends of the moment, so today we bring you a tool that will help you in the designing process of your own website: social media… Read More