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How to Make a Logo for your New Business

How to Make a Logo for your New Business: The sad fact is that more than half of the startups always fail within the first two or three years of their existence. One of the major culprits of this grim figure is the lack of effective marketing strategies. We understand that many startups work on limited resources, and might get… Read More

How to take Screenshots on Windows

Do you want to take a capture of a conversation with a friend and you don’t know how? Or do you want to take a screenshot to the whole screen so you can show your technician about some issue, but you don’t want to have to download any program to achieve it? Don’t worry, Windows allows a lot of methods… Read More

How to take Screenshots on Mac

Screenshots are useful for many situations, as to save a bank transfer data, or to explain details from your computer to somebody remotely, to save a conversation from the social media or simply to take from internet an image you liked. It is necessary to know all the possible ways to take mac screenshots, so you can do all of… Read More