All about Tejas train in India & its services

tejas-express train

Tejas Express is a premium train service in India operated by the Indian Railways. Here’s an overview of Tejas Express and its services: 1. Introduction: Tejas Express was introduced to provide a premium travel experience to passengers on select routes. It is known for its modern amenities, comfort, and speed. 2. Routes: – Tejas Express … Read more

How to Deal with Travel Anxiety

How to Deal with Travel Anxiety

When visiting an unfamiliar place and planning your travel, you might feel more anxious than usual. This is what many people call ‘travel anxiety.’ While it is not considered a mental health condition, some cases of travel anxiety become so bad that people quit traveling altogether. If you find yourself getting more anxious because of … Read more

What is Indrapura or Indore? Indreshwar temple connection to this city


What is Indrapura or Indore? Indreshwar temple connection to this city Located on the tributary Saraswati and Khan streams of Shipra, Indore city is the most famous city of Madhya Pradesh. Swar Kokila Lata Mangeshkar was born in this city. Indore city has emerged in the center of education in recent times, making Indore city … Read more

Winnemucca, Nevada

Winnemucca, Nevada america

Overview The dusty Winnemucca road has been mentioned at the beginning of the song “I’ve Been Everywhere”. The songwriter speaks only of the truth. Winnemucca has styled itself as the City of Paved Streets; the paths of which lead travelers to roads that are anything but dusty. Although Nevada best known for its share of … Read more

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