All about Tejas train in India & its services

tejas-express train

Tejas Express is a premium train service in India operated by the Indian Railways. Here’s an overview of Tejas Express and its services: 1. Introduction: Tejas Express was introduced to provide a premium travel experience to passengers on select routes. It is known for its modern amenities, comfort, and speed. 2. Routes: – Tejas Express … Read more

5 Best Central Railway Stations in India.

Central Railway Stations in India

Central Railway Stations in India. Indian Railways are the largest railway network service in India, through the IRCTC Nget the railway department can works. The Railway department governed by the Ministry of Railways in India. We have most beautiful  Central Railway Stations in India like Chennai Central railways station –Kanpur Central Railway Station–Mangalore Central- Mumbai Central & Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway … Read more

Comparison of Maharaja express and Palace on Wheels

maharaja express

Maharaja express and Palace on Wheels In India, there are 2 deluxe tourist trains run by Indian railways they are the Maharaja Express & Palace on Wheels with the organization of Rajasthan State tourism. Maharaja Express is a costly and lavishness train. Palace of wheels is Fourth Luxurious train in India. Here, you can find … Read more

IRCTC tourism packages for North East India

IRCTC Tourism Packages (Flavours Of North East) In India, they are many beautiful tourism Places. North East India is known as glory new of incredible India. It is the place to get best India tour packages from IRCTC tourism. Here, you can get the brief info on IRCTC Tourism packages for North-East India. North East India … Read more

UTS App – Unreserved Ticketing System in India

uts app

UTS App The South Central Railway (SCR) has launched a Railway New Mobile App in India for the Platform Tickets, Unreserved Tickets, and more railway services through the Paperless and Printed Ticketing system by using the UTS App. The Service has started from the midnight of 15 July 2018. The UTS Mobile App is the benefit … Read more

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