Video downloading apps on the Android platform – the trendsetters

How do I save YouTube videos on my mobile phone? Most likely these common questions asked in the various social platforms. If you happen to be a windows user you might be aware of how to save videos, but still, there are some handy apps for your reference


Vidmate topples the list as far as video downloading is concerned. You cannot ignore this app as it provides you access to YouTube videos of the highest quality. In addition to making things easier for you the videos are classified on the basis of ratings, genres, popularity, etc. Even it provides you with an option to pause, resume, and download videos as per your choice. Since the download process works in the background you can use other features of the app.

Since YouTube is pretty strict about downloading videos, any app that violates this clause not listed on the Google play store. It is possible to download Vidmate from the official website or 3rd party site. Once you click on the download option the app starts downloading instantly and in the bar, you can see the progress of the download.


This is one of the eminent apps in the market that allows you to download YouTube videos in an effortless manner. It is possible to download your favorite videos free of charge. Most of us are aware that YouTube does not allow us to download videos, so as a user you need some app in order to download videos. Hence this app comes into the picture that allows downloading videos on to your device directly. In some ways, this app is a modified version of YouTube. One of the notable features of this app is that it can be played in the background when the screen is off or you are doing something else. No form of ads displayed in between the videos as even the option to minimize the screen is there. All the videos can be downloaded in HD format on your device even if you can limit the video speed to a level that you are comfortable. Download OGYoutube here.


No doubts about the fact that this is one of the highly-rated video downloaders. To download videos no additional software installation is needed. As a user, you can download videos in any format of your choice. The best part is that it supports numerous sites. On the home page, you are not going to come across any ads. The option of video downloading is free and Download KeepVid app works with virtually all devices. Any videos can be captured in a fast way and download links can be generated with this app.

This app runs without Google play services as you can download files in any format of your choice. Once again this depends upon the availability and preferences. The movies can be filtered as per genre, ratings, popularity, etc.  This is going to showcase a few ads and it is a full proof video downloading manager.

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