3 New Self- Employment Scheme in Telangana State

3 New Self- Employment Scheme

The Telangana State Government has taken a step to launch three self-employment schemes newly to provide assistance to the youth. The state government has brought three types of 3 new self employment scheme on Tuesday, 30th August.

Scheme A, Scheme B, and Scheme C are three schemes based on capital requirement, will cater the needs of different project models. For projects up to Rs. 1 lakh, under the scheme-A, 80% of the unit cost will be handled by the Telangana Government as subsidy and the other 20% amount would be offered as the loan by banks.

In a similar way, Scheme-B projects cost from Rs. 1 lakh to 2 lakh. In this scheme, the government would provide a subsidy of up to 70% total cost and rest will be provided as loans by the banks.

The Projects which costs more than Rs. 2 lakh comes under Scheme-C. The Government bears up to 60% of the total expenditure or a maximum of Rs.5 lakh is provided.

Allowed Activities under this Scheme:

3 New Self- Employment Scheme in Telangana
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Under the Scheme – A, the state government allows all types of activities under the scheme guidelines. Under Scheme – B and Scheme –C, only service related or industrial activities allowed.

A small-scale industry can set up under the Scheme-C.  Preference will give to those industries being set up in the state rural areas.

How to Apply to 3 New Self-Employment Scheme?

How to Apply to 3 New Self-Employment Scheme
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Under the Scheme –B and Scheme –C, the applicants would become eligible for the loan in the scheme after undergoing EDP training, a special Entrepreneurship Development Programme.

The eligible candidates as per the age limit and qualification can apply for the scheme through the Municipal Planning and Development Office, MPDO. A survey will conduct and the scrutinizing of applications will take place. After the process, the applications will recommend to the district level committee.

Then the applications will scrutinize by the district sanction committee and release financial assistance through administrative sanction in the subsidy form to the bank account of the selected applicant.