The State Bar Council of Bihar

Bihar Bar Council

In India, The State Bar Council of Bihar came into existence according to the 1961’s Advocates Act. It came under section 3. This Bar Council appoints in various posts including an advocate, clerk, secretary, etc., in Bihar. It works under the Bar Council of India. Get to know more about the Bihar Bar Council or Bar Council of Bihar Exam and Results and more details from here.state bar council of bihar

The BSBC or Bihar Bar Council’s statewide elections happened again after almost 7 years gap. The process was quite simple. Nearly 65000 advocates voted to elect those 25 members. The counting process starts when they deposit the ballot boxes securely in the secure room which is available in Patna. The last election of the Bihar Bar Council happened in the year 2010. The next election year was 2015. But the election again occurred after 7 years, in council of bihar exam

There was the total of 25 seats. 243 candidates were battling for the seats from that 126 advocates were from the Patna High court. Apart from that 117 candidates were from the Bihar’s district-level courts. Bar Council of India’s present chairman Manan Kumar Mishra was also a part of contesting in this election of State Bar Council of Bihar.

Let’s check out the rules of the enrollment

The provisions of the enrollment

  • If anyone wants to practice in the Bihar State Bar Council, he or she has to follow Form No. VII that is available in the Appendix.
  • After that, the Scrutiny Committee will scrutinize this application.
  • This application has to complete.
  • If the Secretary finds any defect on that application, he will call the candidate so that he or she can submit the required documents.
  • In that case, the candidate has to cancel a particular form and apply it in a new way.

bar council of bihar advocate list

  • The Scrutiny Committee makes all these inquiries to make sure each detail of the candidate is correct and error free.
  • After examining everything, the Scrutiny Committee will prepare a report if the committee finds any problem.
  • The Secretary has to follow the report of the Scrutiny Committee. According to the report, the Secretary has to publish it on the Bar Council’s notice board.
  • Later, on the Bar Council notifies about the address and the name of the candidate.
  • Get to know the Bar Council of Bihar Exam details of AIBE Examination and more from the official website.

Bar Council of Bihar advocate list is available on the official website,

If you want to know about the Bar Council of Bihar exam or if you are waiting for the Bar Council of Bihar result, then also you can log in to the same site.

State Bar Council of Bihar Website: http:bar-council/statebarcouncil-bihar.php
Contact Number: 23231647, 23231648
Fax Number: 91-011-23231767
Email Id:
Address Info:
Acting Secretary, BCI,
21, Rouse Avenue,
Institutional Area,
New Delhi – 110001,

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