Indian Passport Renewal and reissue

How do you have to renew your Passport?

In the event that you mean on travelling overseas, a passport is a necessary document you need to take. Notwithstanding, you don’t need to present an application for a passport just once you plan on travelling, everyone can be issued a passport at any given time if they can provide the essential details and documentation. A passport does not guarantee entry into any country at any rate; however is a necessary record to go overseas. Also, a passport in India Is active just for 10 years; at that point a restoration becomes necessary. A passport can be widely accepted as an evidence ID, age and address. Having a passport very accommodating and comes in helpful in several points throughout everyday life.

How do I go about Passport renewal in India?

For Applicants who want to apply online, you need to create the payment and also reserve a consultation in which there are 5 steps to complete this procedure.

Procedure to renew passport application with documents and fee

Renewal of Indian passport is pretty simple. From time to time, you renew your passport for one of numerous reasons possible. You renew your Indian Passport when it expires. In this way you ought to makeuseof the passport renewal India service following expiry of your passport. This article will help you to renew your passport in India with the online passport renewal services. However you need to note some points. First is that you apply for Passport renewal only on the official website.

1: Registering Online

  • You need to put an application for the renewal of your passport on the passport Seva Site.
  • In case if you’re already registered with the website, you need to click on ‘Existing user login’ link
  • If you’re a new user, click on ‘New user Register Today’
  • Click on
  • Choose the nearest passport office in your area.
  • To register yourself, you will have to enter your basic information like Name and Date of birth.
  • Create a user ID and Password.
  • After creating an account, you will receive an email on the account that you initially provided while creating an account.
  • With that link, you can activate your online passport account.
  • When you have completely registered yourself on Passport Seva website, Click on ‘Apply of fresh passport/renewal of passport’

2: Filling the Application.

There are two steps to fill the form.

  • First, you will download the application form from the link mentioned below,

  • After, downloading, you will fill the form.

It is also possible to fill the form online. For filling the form online, you will log on the Indian passport site, here you are required to enter every detail which is required on the form. You can also update your latest information like address and phone numbers. It will ask you for two references as well, enter the detail of the references very carefully as it is very important for the police verification.

After filling the form, Click the submit button and your application will be submitted.

3: Payment

For the renewal of the passport, there is absolutely no payment required to make.

4: Appointments

You can book your appointments as per your convenience. After submitting your application, it will ask you to choose the date and date for the appointment. It will also give you a list of available slots and will ask you to choose the nearest passport office. You can easily book your slot as per your convenience.

5: Going to passport office

When you go to the passport office, make sure you are there 15 minutes earlier than your appointment. Don’t hesitate to ask about anything from the person in passport office. When you’re there in the office, they will give call your appointment number on speaker, you will have to go to another room to complete the application procedure and you will submit the supporting documents.

List of documents to carry for Indian passport Renewal:

  • Print out of ARN – Application reference number to be carried while visiting PSK for passport renewal.
  • Carry old original passport which is expiring or has expired.
  • Same addresses mentioned on your Old Passport
  • You do not need anything other than photocopy of your passport first page, last page and the page with ECNR information. You may do self-attestation (Your own signatures)
  • Self-attested duplicate of the page of observation, if any created by passport issuing authority.
  • Self-attested replica of the validity expansion page if you have any in regard to short validity passport
  • Proof of file which removes the reason behind issuance of Short Validity passport (SVP)

Change of address — Different one from your previous passport speech

  • Just like previously, first, last and ECNR page photo replicate with self-attestation.
  • Address proof of change of residence —below mentioned proofs are acceptable.
  • Any of the utility invoices like water, Telephone, Electricity bills — You need these invoices for at least last 2 months.
  • Proof of the gas connection, if you’re submitting utility gas bills, PSK will ask for two of these bills for last 2 months. Make sure you have the bills as per the requirements.
  • Bank statement for last one year along with check-book on which your address is mentioned.
  • Any of the cards like Adhar card or Voter ID.
  • In case if you like to mention the name of your partner, make sure to carry the marriage certificate with you.
  • If you plan to alter any information such as name in any case, you have to carry first with photo copy signed by you personally.

Why you need to renew a short validity passport?

Short validity passports can be re-issued on certain situations.

  • Students who are looking to go for test like SAT, TOEFL, etc.
  • Indians residing overseas who would like to travel to India
  • Non-delivery of passport for loss intransit
  • There is a pending criminal case open in court

What is the difference between Renewal and Re-issue?

Renewal – You renew your passport when it expires of it runs out of the pages, you need to carry your old passport in order to renew.

Re-issue – Reissue is when you lost your passport somewhere and you need it again.

Passports are re-issued under these conditions:

Expired or soon to be expired

Missing passport

Stolen passport

When you run out of passport pages

Damaged or soiled passports

Change inprivate Information

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